Friday, July 10, 2009

Is God "petty, judgmental, and needy" ?

Is God “petty, judgmental, and needy,” ?
Ref: Larry King Live thread; To …….,

I don’t know what your family background is, but I ask you: Would you say the same things about your own parents?

Is it not natural and good for loving parents to only want what is best and good for their own children, and to teach and raise them up accordingly?
Are you a parent yourself?
Is a parent “petty, judgmental, and needy,” for wanting the best for their children?

So; why should God, who loves us, be any different?

Living the way of God is not about meeting the demands of some petty, judgmental, and needy entity in the sky, but in living a system that brings maximum joy, fulfillment, freedom, and peace. Why not come down off your high-hat and live life fully and completely—with all of the things that the God who created you wants you to have? –dc

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