Saturday, April 21, 2007

This Amazing Universe, and Quantum Physics

This Amazing Universe, and Quantum Physics.

Yes! God's universe truely is amazing! The latest Space news comes directly to my computer, as I have subscribed to that subject. I've also collected 6 huge books, binders; the complete set of, "Secrets To The Universe."

Another fascination, is the other end of the spectrum, Quantum Physics. With today's micron microscopes, they have reached in as small as the atom and far beyond. Einstein was right about mass and "Energy." How and what we think; that energy, is more important than we realize, to do with our well being.

What amazes me, is how the depth and truth and power of God's word is borne out. We see mostly in a flat and limited dimension, only the tip of the reality and fullness of all that is. People don't really comprehend the depth and power of God's word, of the source of life itself. Remember, that God is the Source of ourselves, life and everything good, of all creation. By staying connected to the source, which is loving and good and just; we being the fruit of the vine, are able to reach our full potential, as to what our creator had/has in mind for each and all of us. Apart from the vine, that is the flow from the source God, the blood of the Son of Man/Son of God, Jesus our Christ, than we wither and die, as broken and fallen branches, without food, or fish out of water.

Don Cole

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