Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little Children

Yes, I will remember that one: "God should have put Cain and Able in separate rooms."

The world should take note. Maybe we should elect a little child to rule the world. Jesus did say that we should be like little children.

I was in the audience, in Hollywood, for one of those Art Linkletter House Party "Kids Say the Darndest Things" shows. I worked about half a mile away from Television City. (not really a city, but just the name of the facility, a building.) I remember Art Linkletter interviewing the kids. It seems like only yesterday; but now here we are, in the future... When we were young, the future was an exciting dream to venture towards; then, when we actually find ourselves in the future... it becomes obvious that Heaven's door is what counts.

I find myself reminiscing a lot about the good ol' days; but at the time they didn't seem that good. I guess it must be like good cheese and wine; they have to age awhile before we begin to savor them.

Don Cole

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