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READ the Quan, --don't burn it!

READ the Quran, --don't burn it!
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READ the Quran, --don't burn it!

The NYC Imam Rauf reminded us how Muslims must take their Quran most seriously because, unlike the Christian Bible, the Quran shows Muslims the exact word of the one true God (Allah), --God's Word, word for word.

What puzzles me, is --on what rational ground can Muslims come up with, for their belief? All I have heard, is that Muhammad, not being an intellectual, could not have written these things by himself. (?)
I have asked Muslims, and I ask again: Is that it? --Is that all you have?

One of the logical tests for a true prophet of God, is that a holy prophet of God is never wrong. After all: he is supposed to be, claims to be, speaking for God Himself!

The Scientific Accuracy of the Koran: First is the Statement made by the Koran, then the Reference from the Koran, then the True Fact:

Excretion, blood, and milk come from the cattle's abdomen. (Al-Nahl 16:66 'Sura of the Bee).
Fact: Milk and excretion come from different parts of the cow's anatomy.

Honey comes out of a bee's abdomen and heals men. (Al-Nahl 16:69 'Sura of the Bee')
Fact: Honey is not produced in a bee's abdomen.

All animals and all things that fly form communities like man. (Al-Anam 6:38 'Sura of the Cattle).
Fact: Many forms of life do not live in communities.

A piercing flame is a shooting star---a weapon of God used to strike devils. (Al-Saffat 37:6 'The Ranks' to Al-Jinn 72:8-9 'The Spirits' Al-Tariq 15:16-18, etc.).
Fact: Meteorites are solid lumps of matter which survive through the earth's atmosphere and reach the ground.

There are seven heavens, one above the other. Each holds different things---the lower being fitted with lights. (Noah 71:15-16; The Dominion 67:3; The Believers 23:17, 86, etc.).
Fact: Groupings of stars do not match the layering description in any way.

God threw down mountains like tent pegs to keep the earth from shaking. (The Prophets 21:31; The Bee 16:15; Lugman 31:10; The News 78:6-8; The Overwhelming 88:17,19).
Fact: Mountains do not keep the earth from shaking and are not in any way like tent pegs.

Seaman comes from the back or kidney area, not from the testicles. (The Women 4:23 'Al-Nisa'; The Heights 7:172 'Al-Araf.').
Fact: Seaman comes from the testicles.

Humans are produced by an ejaculated sperm that becomes (alaqa in Arabic) a leech-like clot, a clot of blood, a clot, depending upon which translation you use. (Resurrection 75:37-39 'Al-Qiyama'; The Believer 40:67 'Al-Mumin'; The Pilgrimage 22:5 'Al-Haij'; The Believers 23:12-14 'Al-Muminun').
Fact: Human development does not involve anything that fits the Koran's description.

Nursing passes on generic traits from mother to child. (The Women 4:23 'Al-Nisa').
Fact: No genetic traits are transmitted by nursing.
Solomon talked with ants, birds, and giants (not presented as a miracle or a fable). (The Ant 27:15-44 'Al-Naml).
Fact: This kind of communication does not happen.

Bear in mind here; this is what GOD is supposed to be saying to Muhammad to write down for all the world to heed. (Not to mention, all the rest, about what GOD(Allah) had/has to say about Christians and Jews being the vilest creatures on earth, and implying that Jesus Christ was a liar and a deceiver.) And on and on....all the things "Allah" has set forth in the Quran, which no-one seems to want to discuss in the media.

And why does the American media not want to talk about what the Quran actually teaches? --I think it may wll be because we have a generation ago who has taken GOD out our public schools, ignoring that our country was founded on Christian /Judaic principles, by the "People of the Book," as we are so described in the Quran. How can we argue the Quran, if we don't even know or understand our own Bibles? Do we believe there will be no consequences from tearing down what has made this country great? What is happening to our foundation on solid ground? "In God we trust" ? Which God were our forefathers praying and talking about? Which God, if any, is our country now fighting and dying for?

Wake up America! Truth is our only hope. "Seek and ye shall find." Do we really care, or do we prefer to be lulled to sleep, and overtaken? ...ZZzzzzzz. Christians, put on the full armor of God. (Eph.6:11). --dc

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