Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Larry King asks: "Why doesn't God stop bad things from happening?"

E-mail to Larry King: About your question, “Why doesn’t God stop bad things from happening?”

Larry, “Why dosen’t God step in and stop calamities from happening?”
Obviously, that is not God’s plan. Man was made in God’s image, with a free-will to do whatever.

Think about it, if God were to put a shield all around us to protect us from all harm, etc., what would that make us? –certainly less than human.

Also, it saddens me when your guest celebrity preachers always refuse to deal with the deep and important issues you ask about, such as the Muslim religion, or "Why should I believe? "etc. Their skirting the issues is hardly what Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to do , ...‘to be the light and salt of the earth,’ or to ‘go into all the world, baptizing all nations, teaching them what Christ has commanded.’ (Re; Matt.28:18-20). –dc

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