Friday, April 3, 2009

"Whatdahell?" ...??

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"Whatdahell is wrong with the kids/teens of today?"

"Whatdahell?" Hhmmnn... Are you a role model? Innocent Smile I agree with 'jkgrandma,' --plus I believe a big part of the problems today, with kids and adults alike, stem from the fact that God has been taken out of the schools, starting way back when today's adults were the kids who were in our schools. Evolution does not explain the orgin of life, only changes in what has been created. Unfortunately; children are lied to, and teaching truth is selectivly taught to meet human agendas. No scientific facts should be banned from education, --in the name of (shudder) 'religion'-- just because they do not fit in with Darwin's theories, and happen to back up Genesis. All facts should be openly placed on the table for honest study and scrutiny, and truth should be free to speak for itself. --dc

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