Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waterbed Factory Man, by Don Cole

Beginning of 'Waterbed Factory Man', a commercial comic strip by Don Cole, 1970's. Published in Today Newspaper, and TV News, Brevard County, Florida.


  1. haha nice comic. funny. why dont you try to create animation/cartoon for this comic waterbeds. i love to watch this cartoon.

  2. Hi jgadgets2008, Thanks. Did you read the rest of these by clicking on "Older Posts," or "Newer Posts"? The first of these were also radio commercials, acted out. I had a lot of fun with Waterbed Factory Man. --dc

  3. Is this the Don Cole who drew City Hall in 1960? You may want to drop by on my blog Today's post is about Dave Gerhard's version of the strip, but the tag takes you to some of yours. I love this little gem of a strip and would like to writ more about it!